In Loving Memory of

Bill Hill



From His Loving Wife,

Pat Hill



Bill Hill died in a pyrotechnics accident on June 18, 2014.

He was enamored of everything about being a Pyro.

Fireworks were a love of his from the time he was a child.

Working with a company and its people whom he respected and learned from was a dream come true.

The excitement of the process stirred him.

The bright colors and beauty of the displays touched the artist in him.

The sound made Bill cover his ears and smile.

The friends he made in the business were valued colleagues in a job that he never lost his enthusiasm for over the years.

Bill was a people person a nice guy who knew that what he did as a Pyro brought fun to the audiences and made them smile.

He relished the fact that he could do that.


I am receiving many cards about him.

One that particularly touched me is one from the Sandpoint Lions Club in Idaho.

They noted that they have purchased fireworks for many years from EFI.

The card is covered with signatures of their members.

The work that all of you do brings joy to your audiences and I am glad it will continue -

Bill loved being a part of it all.




Thanks for your continued support,

Pat Hill





A Celebration of his LIFE will be held on:

August 2, 2014 @ 1:00 PM.

 Olympic Flight Museum

7637-A Old Hwy 99 SE, Olympia WA 98501

Telephone: (360) 705-3925


Not that many people come along and make a great impact on your life.

Bill was one of those unique individuals that you could call Family, Friend, and Great Guy.  It's very difficult to try and condense such a great man's life into just one page.  This is just scratching the surface of a man that lived a full and loving life.



Condolence Flowers From the Mayor of

Federal Way, Washington




We at Entertainment would like to acknowledge the other Friends and Family that we have lost this year, way to early in their lives.


Court Rylaarsdam

Neil Turner

Jim Horn


Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.



From His Loving EFI,




Who is Bill Hill?

Two Words!



He touched so many of us in a genuinely loving and caring way.  He always greeted you with a big smile and a story.

He had a true passion about his hobbies.  Pyro, Racing, Planes, and Painting them all.

Before he left us way too early, he had the best weekend of his life.

He got to fly in an antique bomber plane.  He said that it was his, Birthday present, Christmas present, Fathers day present, Anniversary present, and even his Valentines day present.

The next day (Fathers Day) he raced his long time friend - #73 Mazda (which he called "His Office") to a Victory in his class at Pacific Raceways.  In the rain!  That's Bill!

He was so Happy and he let us all know how much fun he was having this year.

He was a man that made everyone a better person.  He could relate to any age group.  He worked side by side with kids in their 20's to Old guys in their 50's.  He got along with everyone, and everyone got along with Bill.

He had a story that related to every age group.  Don't get me started about his Jokes.  :-)


Quotes from people that worked with the greatest guy we knew:


Everything he did, he did it 100%


He was always there to help any way he could.


He was extremely passionate about his wife and his mother (98 years young) Can you believe it?


Bill was always in a great mood, always put everyone else in a great mood.  He always had a smile on his face.  Just being around him made me relish how small some problems are.

His outlook on life were simple yet made sense.

I learned allot about all sorts of things from him.  He was a great racer and artist.  The things he had to say were interesting and always kept you interested.

Bill wasn't afraid to be unique and never judged.


Bill respected everyone and loved "bad" jokes.

A quote he loved to use about racing was, "I lost to some of the best racers in the world".  Yet he said it with a happy tone,.  There was no bragging, always respect.  He always spoke about himself in a humble manor.  I respected that man more than I can put into words.

He was a great man with nothing but good things to say about everyone. 

His favorite food was scallop potatoes.  He and his wife loved their birds.

This is a quote that Bill said right before the accident.  He said he found this quote and really liked it.  "If everything seems under control, your not going fast enough"

Rest in peace #73 - Bill Hill


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