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Our 21 magazines (explosive storage buildings) are well stocked with quality professional pyrotechnic material. EFI's inventory range includes aerial shells from 2" to 16", a wide variety of candles, fountains, multiple-shot items, and other pyrotechnic materials. As a authorized distributor, we also maintain a large, fresh stock of Indoor, Proximate/Special Effects materials.

Our name, Entertainment Fireworks, speaks for itself. Our primary mission for our customers is to entertain. We want our pyrotechnic efforts to be judged for their entertainment value. Our representatives will work closely with customers to achieve this goal, and our displays will be carefully presented and choreographed to insure the precise effect and emotion.

Our Mission Statement

Entertainment Fireworks is truly a place of excellence in pyrotechnics.

  • We will be competitive in price, provide only the best in products and materials, and will fire only the highest quality displays for our clients.
  • We will stay closer to the leading edge of technology than any company in the Northwest.
  • We will present fireworks anytime, anywhere, for all occasions, indoors and out.

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