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Pyrotechnet Editor's Note: Updated to include Volume 71 - 2006. Use the Federal Register Search Engine to stay current on fireworks industry federal notices or rule making legislation that could effect your compliance. Try this example: The most recent rule issued by ATF regarding fireworks and explosives was issued on August 24, 1998. Definitions for various terms have been clarified and UN harmonization, or correct use of terminology (1.3G, 1.4G) has been implemented. For a full text search type "page 44999" (with quotation marks), or use "fr24au98R" (without quotation marks). Put a checkmark next to 1998 Federal Register (Vol. 63) only. Or, simply type the word: fireworks - to start your research. Check one or all FR Volumes to expand your results.

[ Search Tips ]

Quick Tips:

  • To search by page, enter "page 12345" (in quotes) in the search terms box. The FR citation 60 FR 12345 refers to page 12345. FR pages start with page 1 with the first issue and continue sequentially until the end of the calendar year.

  • To search by CFR citation, enter (in quotes) the title, the words CFR and part, and the part number. For example: "40 CFR part 55".

  • To narrow a search, use the Boolean operators ADJ (adjacent), AND, OR and NOT. For example: "environmental protection agency" AND superfund.

  • To find variations on words, truncation can be used. For example: legislat* will retrieve both legislation and legislative.