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You sit on an embankment overlooking the bay on a warm July night with the sounds of family and friends surrounding you. Suddenly, a burst of light brightens the summer night and a thunderous boom reaches your ears. The crowd applauds and laughs, as the night sky becomes a symphony of sound and color.

Tonight is the Fourth of July, and you have waited months to view this exciting "orchestra". But, do you have to wait so long to see a spectacular fireworks display? Plainly, fireworks are as much a part of the Fourth of July as big bands and barbecues. It just would not be the birth of our great nation without the thundering roar and explosive colors that fill our night skies.

Fireworks have always been the staple of our Fourth of July holiday but that is changing, as fireworks quickly become the new highlight of many events. Now, baseball, football and basketball events use indoor fireworks to create a festive atmosphere. The crowd roars with pleasure, and nothing gets a crowd into a game like a great fireworks show, it naturally lifts spirits and creates a bond with fellow fans. Professional fireworks displays have the perception of being expensive. Most people believe that a great fireworks show costs tens of thousands of dollars. This is sometimes true for the large firework displays you see on the bay or in the big cities but would you be surprised to learn that a fantastic fireworks display can be created for as little as $2,500! True!

Fireworks no longer need to be reserved for big occasions. Or have the incorrect assumption made that only big money can afford this form of entertainment. Today, people are enjoying firework displays at:

  • - Weddings (LINK)
  • - Graduations
  • - Reunions
  • - Corporate Parties
  • - Anniversaries
  • - New Product Introductions
  • - Any type of celebration

If you would like to know more about how fireworks can become an integral part of your next celebration or corporate event, reserve a show or contact Entertainment Fireworks by either emailing us or call the numbers on this site's Contact Us page.

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