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Fireworks were originally developed, according to most scholars, in the second century BC, in ancient China.

Most agree that according to ancient Chinese belief, the loud explosion it created was perfect for frightening off spirits, celebrating weddings, battle victories and eclipses of the moon. It was used in religious ceremonies and later adapted for military use during the Middle Ages in the form of "flaming arrows".

The Chinese called this "gung pow", and its use spread to Islamic Asia where it was used in military applications against the Europeans. It is most probable that gunpowder was perfected by the Arabs or even by a German monk, Berthold Schwarz (the powder monk).

The adaptation of gunpowder into rocketry was then reintroduced into China.

During the 15th century a major innovation in gunpowder technology occurred, and it is surmised that it was most likely by accident, as a result from getting wet. Once gunpowder got wet it formed hard cakes and was considered spoiled. Someone realized that if they ground up the caked powder, the resulting powdery substance was superior to blended gunpowder, as the resulting mixture bound together in a superior fashion. This also allowed for longer storage.

The original skyrocket used a long wooden or bamboo stick to provide a low center of balance and provide stability through flight.

Fireworks have remained popular and have grown in recent years due to the spectacular effects of colors and sounds they are so renowned for.

Fireworks have evolved into an emotional experience that includes choreographed music with precise launch timing to create a dazzling spectacle that leaves the audience breathless. In the best of firework displays, the audience walks away in wonder, with memories to last a lifetime.

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