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The world of Pyrotechnics is unbelievable and exhilarating. 

If you've ever enjoyed a back yard fireworks show, or sat on the beach,

 and were amazed by the great big shows.

This is the place for you. 


There are many levels of activity available in this profession.

You may want to just see what goes on behind the scenes of a professional fireworks display.

You may want to become the person in charge of setting up and shooting your own fireworks display. 

You might want to be somewhere in between.


There is room for you.


We provide in depth class training, and on the job training,

so come join the awesome world of Pyrotechnics.


Sign up HERE


Here are a few of the opportunities available to you.

Sign up HERE.

Pyrotechnic Display Assistant

Entertainment Fireworks, Inc. (EFI) is always in need of people to assist on shows during the 4th of July week.    EFI will provide free hands on training in manual fire and electronic fire training for anyone interested.  In order to participate as a Pyrotechnic Display Assistant, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age.  If you are interested in working on fireworks displays for EFI  during the 4th of July or at any other time of the year please contact us at (360) 352-8911 for more information.


Head Pyrotechnic Operator

In order to become a Head Pyrotechnic Operator for a display crew, a technician must serve as a crewmember for at least 6 separate displays.  You must fill out the Pyrotechnic Operator Application Form, obtain a Letter of Reference from two licensed pyrotechnic operators, and pass the required test.  Many states also require that the Head Pyro be at least 21 years of age.  It is also highly recommended that a Head Pyro go through the process of becoming a EFI Driver.  By having the ability to legally transport the fireworks to the display site themselves, the operator can ensure the opportunity to fire more displays.

More Information on becoming a Pyrotechnic Operator in Washington State can be found at: Washington State Patrol


EFI Driver

EFI is not currently hiring full time drivers.  To become a part time driver for EFI it is required that the applicant be at least 18 years of age, receive a Commercial Drivers License with the Hazmat endorsement, driver medical card is required when transporting hazardous materials, go on the EFI random drug and alcohol screening, and attend a EFI Driver Training Course.  If the driver is interested in using a personal vehicle to transport fireworks it must first pass a Commercial Vehicle Inspection by a Department of Transportation approved facility.  These expenses are all reimbursable.  To find out more about becoming a driver for EFI, including reimbursement and compensation, please contact EFI at (360) 352-8911.


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