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What's involved with planning and producing a fireworks display?  Much more than the average observer thinks! 

We begin with the client. We work together to determine the tone for the evening, discussing noise, color, music and how they relate to the theme. Do they want patriotism, joy, humor, or to cover a broad range of emotions?

Once the music is chosen and digitally edited, we begin the process of picking shells and other display items. These items are entered into a customized database and then imported to the choreography software. As we listen to this music again and again, we artistically visualize the place for each shell or display item. We can shoot varying styles, scenarios in color and activity, and create actual scenes in the sky, matching each shell or display item to the mood of the music.

Once the show is created, choreography worksheets are prepared. We then utilize a "high-tech" piece of hardware called FireVoice. This technology tells us, and records in synchronization with the music, exactly when to fire individual cues.  These worksheets then go the our magazines, where the shells and other display items are stored. We then pull the shells and write the cue number on each.

Shows can take one to seven days to set up, depending upon size and design complexity.  A small show can be effectively setup and fired with a crew of 3 people.  Large events can have as many as 50 people involved with preparation.

Success at any show means paying attention to setup details. An example - we often use a protractor (a step-up from old-fashioned eye-balling) to set specific angles on mortars to assure correct display patterns in the sky. The result of this extra, and often time consuming, process can be seen with the graceful performance of comets and display Roman Candles, and multiple shots of aerial shells.

Firing system connector rails are put out and control wires are run. We then load the shells, double checking their position as we go..

We are finished and ready for the show at least 3 – 4 hours before show time (most of the time!). The staff continues to check the site and prepares for the show performance.

Clean up is as important as the show, and we do not leave the site until the entire drop area has been cleaned of any possibly unfired material. The safety measures in clean-up are as carefully controlled as during the shoot.

If you would like to know more about how fireworks can become an integral part of your next celebration, corporate event or wedding, reserve a show or contact Entertainment Fireworks by either emailing us or call the numbers on this site's Contact Us page.

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