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Hazard Assessment and Accident Prevention at Unusual Shooting Sites

In 3 Parts - by Entertainment Fireworks' Partner and VP of Sales and Marketing Larry Mattingly. Published in the May-July 1999 editions of American Fireworks News. Learn safety issues and operation techniques that are essential to display work at unusual shooting sites. Important perspective from Mr. Mattingly's 45 years experience in display fireworks.
Instant Access to Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.


Pyrotechnicians - Artist in the field
Pyrotechnicians are a unique group of people, and they are unified in that they each love what they do. Most pyrotechnicians enter the business because they have a love for fireworks that has lasted a lifetime.


The National Council on Fireworks Safety
Fireworks safety tips, information for firefighters, state laws, statistics, and industry news.


Journal of Pyrotechnics
Publishers of the Journal of Pyrotechnics, the Pyrotechnic Reference Series and the Pyrotechnic Literature Series. They are all journals and books on the various technical aspects of pyrotechnics, including fireworks, pyrotechnic special effects, propellants & rocketry and civilian pyrotechnics.

Journal of Pyrotechnics

USDOT HAZMAT Regulations Online
Updated Quarterly

The fireworks industry is deep in regulatory requirements! Along with ATF rules, US DOT issues easily share the top of the list! This little known website is underwritten by RSPA (US DOT Research and Special Programs Administration). Updated quarterly and includes exemptions. (Because of data volume - best viewed at 1024 x 768 screen resolution)



Safety First, Safety Always

Pyrotechnicians know how important safety is to their work. The precautions are many and necessary for a fun and safe production.  EFI's Pyrotechnician Training Program continues to grow throughout the Northwest.

The Spoilers

Pyrotechnet welcomes guest writer John Drewes, Editor, American Fireworks News. Mr. Drewes hits hard with a reminder to our industry and its customers "..it's not what you pay - it's what you get in return." Good reading.

Glossary of Pyrotechnics



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