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PGI Convention - Wyoming 1998 A display company is only as strong as its operators, and Entertainment Fireworks is no exception. Our pyrotechnicians are a unique group of people, and they are unified in that they each love what they do. Most pyrotechnicians enter the business because they have a love for fireworks that has lasted a lifetime.

After our intensive training, which is the most complete program offered in the country, they are skilled in the use of display fireworks for entertainment.

Anyone who is interested can attend all of our 3 spring training sessions, or other specialty programs throughout the year.

Following the training, they must assist with six shows and pass a written exam by the Washington State Patrol to become a licensed pyrotechnician. There are currently over 100 pyros living throughout the Northwest who work for EFI.

The pride we take in each of our shows is evident with each and every pyrotechnician. Our technicians fire in groups of three, with a "shooter", an assistant who provides needed light, and another crew member acting as a safety backup.

PGI Convention - Wyoming 1998Safety is of the utmost importance at EFI, and our record is unblemished. With a properly trained crew to assist him the show manager can focus on the details.

Our licensed pyrotechnicians are skilled in dealing with people, and they focus on the customer. Customer service is mandated from the top down. Our philosophy is to teach our crew members everything we know.

With more than 50 years of fireworks experience between the company’s partners, this shared knowledge makes our crews among the most well-trained and skilled in the entire industry.

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