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Safety and fireworks go hand – in – hand and safety is tantamount at EFI. Safety is an attitude. It must be cultured and developed. Entertainment Fireworks has a well-developed safety attitude. An understanding of compliance with laws and safety regulations, together with expert planning and execution, is your assurance of a smooth, safe and entertaining display.

  • The founding principles and staff of EFI have many years of impeccable safety records. These principles have worked with local government agencies, and national and international groups for safety in display fireworks. We have stringent safety standards in all areas, from those working in the magazine to those working each show, and even extending to the personnel involved with clean-up. The company safety standards for working on barges is so stringent that national insurance companies are now using our policies as guidelines for other insureds.

Larry Mattingly, Partner and Vice-President Sales and Marketing and Training

  • 50 years experience, licensed in Washington, Oregon and lifetime license in Canada, shooting over 3,000 shows
  • Certified to offer approved "Special Effects" training
  • Class A Commercial Drivers License with HAZ-MAT and Air brake endorsement
  • Author of a comprehensive operator training program
  • Instructor for Annual International convention of Pyrotechnic Guild International
  • Trained bomb squads and city and county fire marshals
  • Instructor, Pyro 101 Western Pyrotechnic Association.

Ken Julian, Partner and Vice-President of Entertainment Fireworks

  • 350 hours of classroom and industry-specific and safety instruction.
  • Function-specific USDOT HM-126 HAZMAT certified
  • Holder of Washington State HAZMAT endorsed Commercial Driver’s License
  • USDOT Substance Abuse Recognition certified
  • Instructor for special curriculum for Pyrotechnics Guild International (1995 – 1998)
  • Instructor, Pyro 101 Western Pyrotechnic Association.

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