"Fireworks,Fireworks Display Company,Fireworks Washington,Fireworks" "Fireworks,Fireworks Display Company,Fireworks Washington,Fireworks"
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fireworks,fireworks display company

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With Entertainment Fireworks you have a partner in your celebration.  We are constantly examining ways to make your festivities more exciting.  That's why "entertainment" is part of our name.

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fireworks,fireworks display company

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 A Place of Excellence in Pyrotechnics

We are the largest fireworks company based in Washington State.

We will be competitive in price, provide only the best in products and materials, and will fire only the highest quality displays for our clients.

We recognize your display dollars represent an investment in entertainment for your event and spectators.

We will stay closer to the leading edge of technology than any company in the Northwest.

We will present fireworks anytime, anywhere, for all occasions, indoors and out.

Entertainment Fireworks Inc

Established 1997

We could not continue producing displays without our dedicated pyrotechnicians and loyal customers.  We here at Entertainment Fireworks thank you for everything you have done, and thank you in advance for your continued support in the years to come.

Entertainment Fireworks-Washington's Favorite.


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People with very diverse backgrounds and occupations come to Entertainment Fireworks to begin their pyrotechnic career.

If you would like to become part of our team, take a look at what we have coming up.

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